About Panty Boyz
Panty-Boyz was created and is open to ALL panty-lovers who wears them or admire the panty bulge. A safe and secure platform where like-minded panty lovers can meet and share stories or show off!

♥ Welcome fellow panty lovers ♥


Being a panty-boy, crossdresser, sissy, TV, she-male, ladyboy or even the wife/partner of one, is not always easy... Let's face it, we cannot lie who we are and neither can we change who we are just because of society... And why should we?  

There is nothing wrong with wanting to wear beautiful clothes, whether it is gorgeous lingerie or a stunning dress with matching stilettos.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel or look beautiful. Boys clothes are boring, right?  

It is not easy to accept this part of ourselves, but once you do, you eventually realize that you can't change.  This is as much of a part of you as anything that makes you who you are.  I have created this social platform because as you do I also love to wear panties every single day.  This is who I am, this is who we are!! I have accepted and embraced myself and I have never been happier.


No pornographic or any sexually explicit pictures where genitals are shown will be allowed.