Open letter to all Crossdressers and their wife's

An open letter to all Crossdressers, their wife’s, partners & anyone this apply to…


An open letter to all Crossdressers, their wife’s, partners anyone this apply to…

I am sure that this would be something that most of you have heard before or know… although sometimes it is nice just to be reminded of these things… Make no mistake, I am just as wrong as many other people and sometimes my very own worst enemy of self-image-destruction… So I am not sure if it is because of that, that I lately notice so many guys and girls of all shapes and sizes from big, chubby, tall, muscular, skinny, petite expressing their insecurities with body language that at the end of the day result in anger, sadness and unexpected outbursts.

Let’s be honest, we all know it is not always easy to feel good about your body when you compete blindly and never notice your body type represented in pornos or magazines and then we are all being brainwashed by some fucked-up and unrealistic beauty standards, made to believe that we have to look a certain way to be desirable or just accepted by society.

But the truth is that beautiful people come in every shape and size and that’s the most awesome thing in the world!

An article not long ago where a bunch of women said they would never date a guy that was or are bi-sexual made me realise why so many guys that would rather cheat than open to their partner that they are bi-sexual… But let me tell you something, having a great wife that supports me and accept me for what I am, woman get just as much turned on with m2m action than men get with g2g and I can with confidence say that there is more than a handful of times where I have made a wife’s fantasy reality by watching her man being sucked by another male or other way around. But still, no matter how much you accept yourself, sexuality or gender preferences, everyone will at regular times in their life deal with self-doubt and self-esteem destruction.

Being a bisexual married man with a love for getting in touch with his fem side by dressing up in woman lingerie and accessories, is not always easy BUT, my biggest dream is a world where upon entering a lingerie store all men can shop for their own panties and lingerie sets without being judged. A day where men, whether they’re submissive or not, can proudly lay out their items on the counter and receive the same laundry or care advice women get. Fact is, there are still so many men that wear panties and stockings under their suits to court, work meetings and launch or supper meetings to shy to share with their partners because of fear being judged.

Imagine a world where a woman can openly call their crossdressing partners beautiful and precious and special and wonderful, tell them a thousand times each day just what a good boy they are, being able to share without discussing with them that they see how they are the neediest gurl they know but this is what they are attracted… their slutty side.

Ladies let me point something out, we understand that you do everything for us and want to see us happy while we embrace life and sometimes do our own things. We are not taking advantage of that and do appreciate that you want to so us happy, with a content smile on our faces and we love you for that!!

It is not always easy to try being the best man for our family, embrace our gurly side and still be the person you love! Everyone in this world deserves to be guided and treasured, and everyone has different needs!

Me, I want to be guided by my wife becoming her best friend while I continue to learn from her on how to accept my femininity without her feeling insecure or her thinking that she is not needed anymore.

  • I am not looking for a mistress.
  • I don’t want a daddy.
  • I don’t want to be humiliated.
  • And I don’t want my penis to be locked up!

ALL I want is to be a BFF to my wife with no shame and having fun together! That is me and believe I am not alone and that many other panty wearing husbands dream his wife loving him in panties, sharing his femininity, panty drawer and that it is a side she wants to see more of… Lastly, being a sissy-panty-husband, I know that I am closer to my wife than most straight men will ever be to their wife’s. But I also know that sometimes we don’t show it, so I just want to say on behalf of all CD, Sissy, TV men:

  • we acknowledge and are aware that we don't know how much you love to see us fluster,
  • We have no idea what our broken sounds or moaning does to you,
  • We don't have a clue how much pride and joy you get out of watching us play with another man’s cock or seeing us enjoy ourselves with you,
  • We don't always understand how much you love seeing us dressed in the prettiest, filthiest lingerie known to men,
  • We can’t always feel how proud you are when we become that dirty, needy slut!!

At the end of the day… We have accepted us and are better today because we have a supporting wife or partner, we can be open with, without hiding things from you and will always be grateful for your support and love.